Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jealous Feline: It's My Favorite Simple Style

Do you know Cool Cat?

It's my favorite simple style.

I first encountered Cool Cat© brand street-wear last year in Xi'an, when my Korean friends started toting Cool Cat bags and Cool Cat hoodies. I was so jealous. I remember the first day I saw those calm, vaguely mysterious cat eyes looking out from the back of a sweathshirt, and the confident slogan beside it, I knew immediately that Cool Cat was my Favorite Simple Style, too.

So the other day I was hanging out with a friend and saw she had a Cool Cat wrist-watch. "Oh my god, you're wearing Cool Cat!" I exclaimed. "That's my Favorite Simple Style!"

My friend informed me that a popular mall downtown had a Cool Cat boutique, and the next day took me there to get my awesome on. So now I have Cool Cat clothes.

Wanting to brag, of course, I set my Gmail away-status to read: "我是一只酷猫" (I'm a Cool Cat).

This was fine until my Chinese friend asked me: "Why are you a Vinegar Cat?"
"Huh?" I said.
"Your Gmail... it's says you're a 醋猫. Are you jealous of something?”

Apparently, in my haste to show off my Favorite Simple Style, I had mixed up 酷(ku, a popular transliteration for cool) with 醋 (cu, which means vinegar, and is popularly used to describe envious emotions). The characters look similar and the pronunciation is close, so I hadn't even noticed I had been flaunting myself as a Jealous Vinegar Cat for close to a week.


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