Monday, October 29, 2007

Jobs Lost and Jobs Found and What About Money?

Didn't get the job at the giant ad-company, but that's a bit of a relief-- I was totally intimidated by them anyway. I'm still getting lots of interested replies from other companies, and follow-ups are in progress.

Two friends have confirmed what I suspected: I should be putting my salary requests upwards of 10,000 RMB a month, which makes me feel weird. I recognize that that's about what it costs to live a Western lifestyle in China, but the thing is, I'm not used to living a Western lifestyle in China. And if I was making that much money, I'm not sure I'd start-- I might continue living in my crummy Chinese tenement, eating noodles, and saving money for........ something. Travel. Maybe open my own bubble-tea store.

Now, my requesting 10,000 RMB and someone actually paying me that much (an astronomical sum for a Chinese college graduate) are two different things. Though I may be worth that much, I can't shake the skepticism that a Chinese company would shell out that kind of dough.

But as Enya says, who's knows? Only time.

Did I just quote Enya?


La Mama said...

Why not SAVE some of it! And give some of it away as tzedkah!

赵晨威 said...

What part of "continue living in a tenement, eating noodles, and saving....." is unclear?

And I prefer to do tzedkah in ways more personal than dropping coins in a tin can, thank you very much.

Like helping baby seals and tutoring underprivileged retards. People don't need nickels and cents, Mom: they need love.

La Mama said...

ouch! Sorry! Really didn't mean to offend or hurt.

La Mama said...

Also didn't mean to imply that you're a big spender or are not charitable. Infact, I think you could spend more on yourself and that would be okay too.