Saturday, October 13, 2007


My cold is getting better.

The Chinese Communist Party is picking its next generation.

I will celebrate my birthday on Wednesday by representing my class at the school-wide Chinese oratory contest.

Gore Gore Gore Gore Gore. Gore Gore Gore. GORE!

I am still struggling with a restless anxiety about what I'm doing with my time here, both academically and socially. I want to move beyond the shallow ease of class and find more challenging work in translation; I want to move beyond basketball pals on campus and meet mature people that I can develop real friendships with.

Speaking of real friendships, my dearest Guo Chen is leaving Xi'an tonight and flying to Texas to begin her exciting new life abroad. I urge America to welcome this incredible person with open arms.

Tonight, another lonely night. I sat in a busy cafe for an hour with my chess set spread out in a challenge to passerbys, but no takers. At home, I will eat an entire pomelo, watch a movie, and sleep.

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