Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Numbers Don't Lie

Google Analytics-- which helps webmasters track statistics about their sites-- yields highly interesting results.

I usually check in once in awhile to see just how much my beautiful readers love this blog (about 20-50 hits a day), but recently I've been looking at some of the other more interesting features.

For example, Analytics tells me that 10% of visits to my blog come from Google searches, and is kind enough to list the 93 different keywords that people have entered to find my blog.

Some highlights:

chinese language booya
the art of threesome
staff artist job nyc
summin' summin'
playgrounds of the future
living life as an observational adventurer
kompan supernova
fantawild hitech family funplex

My conclusion, dear readers, is that ya'll are some diverse, threesome-lovin' crazy cats out there.

Keep it rockin', keep readin',


Mr.Singh said...

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Mr.Singh said...

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甄蟀 said...

What in the heck is kompan supernova? Sounds like...a band? Indian surf rock?