Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So I booked my flight for Beijing today... I'll be there from Apr 13-16, and am looking forward to it far more than I imagined I could possibly look forward to a trip to Beijing. (was that sentence unnecessarily torturous?)

I usually am anxious to avoid the capital-- it's too big, too crowded, too dirty, too expensive. But I haven't been there in almost a year and a half, and I'm expecting big changes. Will I be disappointed?

In any case, I'm getting psyched for my scholarship interview, though I still have to learn a lot of relevant trivia (such as what's new in the Treaty of Lisbon) and learn a bunch of new global affairs vocab in Chinese ( deficit spending? council commissioner?)

I'm also excited about the chance to see my Professor, with whom visiting is always a dumpling- and idle chat-filled delight.

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Nadia Chaudhury said...

argh, i'm jealous. take pictures. and GOOD LUCK!

after that, you should fly back for my birthday. yes.