Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shape the Minds of Millions of Chinese Kids with Me!

A month or two I posted a question about how to treat fat kids in an English textbook I'm writing for a publishing company here in Dalian... I think it was one of the most popular posts on this blog; everyone had an opinion.

Well, now's your chance to make those decisions for yourself! I'm currently looking for contributing writers to help me finish the textbook series, and as craigslist was mostly a bust, I'm turning it over to the brilliant and faithful readers of my blog!

Please respond to me if you're interested, or pass this on to anyone who might be. I'm looking for two or three serious contributors... I hope one of them is YOU!


I'm an American writer currently authoring a series of English textbooks on commission for a prominent Chinese publishing company. The series is a reader-companion targeted to Chinese middle school students. Each book is composed of ~36 short texts, each text focusing on a predetermined grammar point and/or vocab set and ending with five reading comprehension questions.

The company wants 200-300 texts, of which I've completed about 60 already. I'm looking for a strong writer that can help me turn out the rest; the pay is 8.50 USD per text, with payments coming every 20 articles over PayPal or check. Based on my experience, it should take an average of 1-1.5 hours to write one text once you get familiar with the project.

The challenge is this: create interesting and original texts for middle school children that stay within the confines of the language skills they've already acquired. The publishing company has given me free reign in terms of content (excluding politics, of course) and I'm determined to deliver texts that have some modicum of literary, moral, or civic value. Nothing boring, nothing useless.

This job is ultra-flexible: do it any time, any where, and any amount. Figure a minimum of 8 texts a week, and no maximum; if you're delivering quality texts, you're free to write the rest of the series. I'll be editing for language and an editor at the publishing company will be editing for suitability.

If you're interested, please reply ASAP. I'll ask you to write a sample text, but if the sample is acceptable it can certainly be counted towards pay.

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