Sunday, September 30, 2007

You know... Eunuchs

So I always go to the same DVD vendor who spreads out bootlegs on the sidewalk in front of our school because he always recommends fantastic picks.

He turned me on to "Contract Lover", a fairly predictable romantic comedy that was-- honestly-- brilliant. Then he recommended "Blood Brothers", a cool gangster flick about 1930's Shanghai underground. When he hit me with "The Longest Night In Shanghai," a sort of "Lost In Translation"-esque midnight romp around the Bund, he earned my total trust.

So it was that I reluctantly bought the copy of "Court Eunuch" he insisted I would enjoy. "It's not quite porn," he told me, "But don't let your girlfriends see it."

The plot, for those interested, relates to the sexual misadventures of a eunuch in the court of the crumbling Qing emperor at the end of the 19th century. This particular eunuch is endowed with a single testicle, which the Master Castrator spared him to repay a debt to the eunuch's family. Armed with a ball, he fucks concubines for an hour and half and then the DVD scratches out, like all the DVDs I buy here.

I would rate "Court Eunuch" as worse than Ang Lee's films, but better than Zhang YiMo's films.
If it was starring Jackie Chan as the uni-baller, it would have been AWESOME.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the makers of this 'film' the Chinese Eunuchs had their penis removed as part of the procedure so could not have 'f***ed' around as the post says!