Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy World Press Freedom Day!

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. To mark the occasion I'm re-posting what a Nigerian journalist wrote on the discussion board at my job. Want to read more, or post something about press freedom? Click here.

Wilson Emmanuel | 02/05/2007

I am a student of journalism here in abuja Nigeria.and I want to make my deduction on this issue of world press day.

Africa has been unfortunate in this aspect of press freedom .owing to the might of the ruler of the day .when a journalist sees black he should not report and call it black,he should rather say it is blue .in other African countries the press has been gagged up and force not to report the true stories and if they do, they will face wrath of the gov't of the day.

we have two types of journalist those who are watch dogs and those who are lap dogs watch dog journalist puts his society interest first and reports to enlighten the people on their rights as citizen and to enforce the rule of law .he xplain to people what they should expect from the government in what area the govt is underperfoming .
but the lap dog go around with politicians reporting what the govt is diong they have commission a bridge here and there today .

They system will hardly change here in Africa because of the maner and greed of politicians who are in Office for the their sake and not for the society .They constitutional amenment is on issues that will elonget the president tenure of office and perpetuate his administration.

the bill of freedom of information was before our president O.obasanjo to sign into law before he leaves office may 29 but he doesnt want to sign it because the press will enlighten the society and they will raise against the govt of the day to fight for thier right .if politicians who value the rule of law comes into office .sure change will be on the way .

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