Sunday, May 25, 2008

Unrest in India

In what is a bizarre scenario more fit for the pages of Catch 22 than the scratchy annals of history, members of one of India's lowest castes are rioting, burning buildings, and killing cops. Their beef? They want to be classified as an even lower caste! This would apparently make them beneficiaries of government-sponsored affirmative action-type programs.

I bet the good folks at the Ayn Rand Institute are peeing themselves.

In any case, the police have opened fire on and tear gassed the rioters several times, killing dozens, and there are now "thousands of army, police, and paramilitary forces" patrolling the countryside. A bloody tragedy.

I'm really curious if/how this gets played out in the Western media. Sure, there's no Olympics to boycott, but will India get the same bitching about human-rights that China got back in March? My early guess is................. not even a little.

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